"Romantic Feelings", January 2018 LoveScopes for each Sign

ALL SIGNS: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to 2018, The year of the visionary!! This is a Master Number 11/LIFE PATH 2 year! This means that whatever you visualize is key. The month of January, will give you a taste, of what a clear vision CAN DO FOR YOU. All the signs will have their own way of exploring love and romance. Every sign will have their own triggers and meanings behind this. Find out below if its thru contemplation, various partners, spicy affairs or a sweet meaningful journey.

Aries - Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) - SOME LIKE IT HOT

Aries, January wants you to revisit a relationship that stopped moving forward. The attraction rekindles toward a once promising relationship. Your focus lies on unfinished business, with a fiesty and blunt individual, or this is your communication style this month; when it comes to this Heart to Heart. There could be an argument this month, a back forth of pros and cons or fear of communicating. Possibly, with an ex who hurt you. Prepare to choose or be chosen! At month's end, a choice lies between two partners or your head or your heart. You could choose to pursue someone who was once very harsh with you or an old flame. But, you want something for the long haul.

Taurus - Page of Wands (Reversed) - TAURUS IN WONDERLAND

Taurus, January allows you to be okay with discontentment the first time around, not round and round. Signs are all around you this month of anyone or any matters that can dissatisfy you in the future. A new sta