"Romantic Feelings", January 2018 LoveScopes for each Sign

ALL SIGNS: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to 2018, The year of the visionary!! This is a Master Number 11/LIFE PATH 2 year! This means that whatever you visualize is key. The month of January, will give you a taste, of what a clear vision CAN DO FOR YOU. All the signs will have their own way of exploring love and romance. Every sign will have their own triggers and meanings behind this. Find out below if its thru contemplation, various partners, spicy affairs or a sweet meaningful journey.

Aries - Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) - SOME LIKE IT HOT

Aries, January wants you to revisit a relationship that stopped moving forward. The attraction rekindles toward a once promising relationship. Your focus lies on unfinished business, with a fiesty and blunt individual, or this is your communication style this month; when it comes to this Heart to Heart. There could be an argument this month, a back forth of pros and cons or fear of communicating. Possibly, with an ex who hurt you. Prepare to choose or be chosen! At month's end, a choice lies between two partners or your head or your heart. You could choose to pursue someone who was once very harsh with you or an old flame. But, you want something for the long haul.

Taurus - Page of Wands (Reversed) - TAURUS IN WONDERLAND

Taurus, January allows you to be okay with discontentment the first time around, not round and round. Signs are all around you this month of anyone or any matters that can dissatisfy you in the future. A new start with a flirtation can lose its luster and its as soon as you feel the first blow, don't wait for more. Follow you intuition and look for all of the imbalances of any proposition made to you. Taurus, is over the fact that love has been slippery and is enjoying being grounded in the love they already have around them. Lots of love and attention continue to surround you and it balances out what you didn't receive from the false start, so on to the next! The frustration of leaving well enough alone is up to you.

Gemini - The Tower (Reversed) - SUIT AND TIE

Gemini, January wants to change your mind about an ex or for you to fully see that trying to rebuild relationships can cause you stagnation. A lot of you can experience a change that is out of your control to propel you out of stagnation, which is great! The universe sees that you have been in unfulfilling relationships, where you over give and this must stop. So a lot of change this month needs to come within, where Gemini is only talking about big things like marriage, future and purpose. If things do not match up, then you are not interested. You want a mature partner who is marriage and family material or marriage itself. No longer are you satisfied with short lived thrills, that's the friend zone for you then buddy. Its all or nothing with the Twins this month so come with a ring or not a thing.

Cancer - 4 of Wands (Revered) - TWO CRABBY PATTIES PLEASE

Cancer, is tired of having marriage and true love dangled in their face like a carrot by people, only to have it pulled away in a mask of indecision. Whatever is being promised to you: children, living together or meeting the fam --seems to never pan out. January, is all about sacrificing apart of yourself that becomes ablazed with excitement at such promises. You refuse to exchange thoughts, glances or feelings with anyone who is using the power of fantasy for manipulation. This tactic could be used on you this month by a fellow water sign or fire sign. What ever it is, it's Bon Voyage for good, with these types or person. Cancer has to look at things realistically. Some, get a surprise from an ex flame, wanting a new start, where you are tested by an escapist, dreamy, risk taker to have a future with. Or is this untamed dreamer you? Looks like a reality check is needed.

Leo - The Hanged Man (Reversed) - LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE

Leo, you will be doing what you have to do, in order to keep yourselves happy. You are not going to slip backward into emotional melodrama with anyone or yourself. You have already seen that things are not going to work out with a live in partner or someone you were going to take seriously. A relationship that ends is handled easily, by you quickly extending your hand in romance with another. This is the easiest breakup ever, its no question that boundaries were about to be crossed and Leo is not trying to go there! There could be some "careful " lying this month about "family matters" so sex and passion can occur. Admirers are welcome, but any lack of cooperation with the King can leave a lover left in the dust. Someone is tired of waiting and it can ensue: envy, jealousy, misfortune or attack. Be careful about causing too much of a cat fight Leo.

Virgo - 2 of Swords - SOBERING UP

Virgo, who are you stuck on or who is stuck on you? If you or someone is tired of avoiding true feelings, the whole month could be about getting in touch with why. Was it the sex? Was it the security, feeling like you were finally somebody's somebody? I wonder if you or they will ever understand why they're still stuck?? January, feels like this indecisiveness needs to end! Are there possibly some pangs of jealousy coming from a co-parenting relationship, because someone moved on. Virgo, I don't see traditional dating this month, prospects could be a divorcees/married or you may go for unconventional dating. Beautiful things can come out of the taboo or the "off beaten" path. How to go about new ways of dating and connecting with a lover is the question, but a situation could be truly over. Take your time figuring out what would make you happy. If something ended and soak up all of the joy, compliments and attention from others. It will heal your ego. Remember the 2 of swords can protect you from negativity, but blocks out positivity too.

Libra -Knight of Swords - PLAYA. PLAYA

Libra, you are lit with your mouthpiece this month! You could have a lot of people hanging on your every word of word play, while all the while not divulging the goods...you know the info people REALLY want to know! Like are you available? I feel like its okay, if you gotta do what you got to do to protect your heart, relationship.. or secrets. This month any poor communication could result in trying new passionate ways to heat up your love life. Pay attention to your partners needs and serve up the romance Libra. Your partner may not agree, but you may decide to see other people. Look out for signs that this could already be happening. Deception can ensue in a commitment, you weren't ready for. All kind of freaky things could be going on, to amp up your love life this month Libra and that's truly your business! Are you ready for love Libra, this month could test your ability to love, will you turn down your knight or princess because it was too much... unexpectedly? Get ready.

Scorpio - 2 of Swords - LET ME LOVE YOU

Scorpio, January is a month where you are trying to open up a difficult lover. Or is this you? It seems like no matter what you try to do, lover's may not be receptive to your tender loving care. It's as if someone has warned them about you or they are objective about love. If there has been too much strife, love can be frustrating this month. See this for what it is and move on, if they aren't ready for a real connection. I just see distance from one person, while the other is ready for commitment. There could be some Scorpios stuck this month, or indecisive to commit. You only have so much attention to give to such types. You only have so much patience for a decision to made. You may have secret yearnings toward someone you work with. But I do see secret love affairs due to a lackluster relationship. Look for the signs, and know everything isn't as it appears. Whoever is playing hard to get, really has potential, but you need maturity not hit or miss.

Sagittarius - Page of Swords - IN LOVE AND DON'T KNOW IT

Sagittarius, is so used to the hard work and learning so many lessons, that they are ready for more. Don't be a glutton for punishment by opening up to a love so real to you, that you are not seeing your lover is thinking with their head and do not share the same feelings. Your love interest may be so focused on themselves or career, they may not see your cues or subtle hints of interest. Sweetly, I see you understand and stand by, admiring them, supporting them. Your interest could be doing this as well. But I see such a sweet energy, toward someone who obviously values their freedom; that I want to warn! It is very possible that two people heal each other, without knowing or two people have the potential to heal each other and help each other grow. this month I see a Sag who can gain notoriety at the end of the month also.

Capricorn -8 of Wands (Reversed) - PREPARATION

Capricorn, you can walk into January a little uncertain about the direction of a once loving connection or love period. Where is the love, what is love? You or your interest can have fears flare up due to a lack of tenderness. Or it's you Cap, having not healed enough, finding out only thru dating-- that you are not ready for true love. (or Vice Versa) Someone needs to regain their strength, so plan ahead Capricorn, for whatever. You are looking out for self and have more than enough power to redirect your path at anytime. Tame your temptations, and don't let an expired relationship go past the expiration date. Someone is really good at manipulation, or you are prepared for the worst. If you are too paranoid in love, while dating-- take a step back. If you see this in someone-- take a step back. Capricorn will be looking for honest convo and common sense all month, hope you find it!

Aquarius - 5 of Wands - OPTING OUT

Ok Aquarius, who is this not loving your right? You could be picking up all kinds of negative, secretive vibes from a lover. Are you in a negative relationship, that brings out the worst in you? If you are currently healing from old pain, you may have to remember all the bad not to go back. Some need to stop thinking negatively, and watch the changes that occur! January wants to reprogram your thoughts and have you refocus on the positive. To stop the lack luster in your love life regain your confidence. You are this month's chick or d*** magnet by all means! Seriously, you have to approach love with a better attitude, plus it's fun tooting your own horn! A lot of you, will have secret admirers, secret crushes on an ex and may be tempted to reach out. Arguments could ensue with a father or a career driven lover about money and support. I see a relationship falling apart over a legal agreement. If you appear aloof, you may be focused only on career and stability, not seeking love, as people are drop at your heels. Opting out.

Pisces - King of Swords - CLARITY

No more does Pisces want to be the dreamer of the Zodiac! Pisces is taking a stand and will clearly let you know wassup. Intrigue is no longer enough to play the game with the Fishy's. Your strong hope in reconciling with lover's who stay on your mind is over, now you must over come people who talk a good game, taking caution with new lovers. Not becoming eluded in love. If you become lonely, you have more control than ever to keep lines drawn in the sand. Don't become too emotionless Pisces, for that is not in your nature. Build you confidence and get comfortable with a blooming relationships-- try not to be so prickly. Some are still trying to overcome the obsessive thoughts of a relationship. You want to be in control of yourself, but may go over board, don't let the past control your future. It's a brand new day, month and year. I see a lot of you freeing yourselves from love triangles or temptation.

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