"Love Galore, December 2017" Romance Predictions for Each Sign (Sun~Moon~Rising)

ALL SIGNS: The "Radiance" card summarizes the love energy for all of us this month! Find out if you have a secret crush, will reconcile or mesmerize the collective Below! (Cards used this month)

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Aries (March - April)

Chick Magnet or Repellent Type Love!

How do you want it Aries, because you are in control, just the way you like it. This is good and bad, depending on the awareness of your mannerisms. Are you promoting yourself in a favorable light? Put your best foot forward, unleash new fashion, fiery eye contact, killer smile. You got it in the bag Aries! If you are too bold, your self awareness, says "file down your edges". If you want love, show it and let it be known.