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"Just Me, looking in your window, every night"

"Love Galore, December 2017"

Romance Predictions for Each Sign


The "Radiance" card summarizes the love energy for all of us this month!

Find out if you have a secret crush, will reconcile or mesmerize the collective Below!

Cards used this month: the Earth Magic deck ~

by Steven d. Farmer

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Gemini (May - June)
"Got a Secret Admirer!"
The storm has passed Gemini and a hot flirtation with someone younger than you is in the cards. Over the month flirtations turn into more. No more being shy for them or you either. Other Gemini's ponder a relationship that ended and are thankful they dodged a bullet! Could romance also be knocking from the past? Maybe. But many secret crushes.
Virgo (August - September)
Simmer Down Virgo!
Virgo you are taking things way too seriously in the game of Love! Let go of your work load, worries and insecurities, you are fine just the way you are! Get out there and mingle. A New you, brings a New Love energy towards you! If you are enjoying a cool down, from love, by all means, take all the time you need. Once you resurface, love will be waiting just the way you like it....nerdy and sweet.
Pisces (February - March)
Love Galore Unanswered
Pisces is commander and chief of their emotions this month. This could lead to a "love and leave em" attitude! Be careful, but really Pisces feels hopeless in keeping anyone happy. This could lead to a lot of love triangles, lack of commitment or a retreat from the Fishes after they see the fantasy is done and real talk comes into play.
Sagittarius (November - December)
Romance turns to True Love!
Is this forbidden love? Because something combustible can happen this month Sag, good OR bad. Feels forbidden, its that sinfully good! Either way a major shake up for you this month in the game of love. Looks like you are making your "sweetie" feel extra special; like the only one in the world! Sag spends the month wondering how this person has them under a spell. Some could be revisiting an old flame?
Cancer (June - July)
Sixth Sense Type Love
Cancer, there is no fun "foreseeing" all of your lover's flaws and possible "downfalls" of the relationship! Intuitive to a fault this month Cancer. But looking at everything realistically and not lovingly can get boring and later starts to bring people down. Stop jumping to conclusions about people this month and give them a chance! 
Libra (September - October)
BFF type Love!
Looks like December 2017 will be speaking another language, that you aren't used to Libra. Could it be, your Twin Flame, you've dreamt about since you were 12! Or, your original TF re-gifted to you, brand new and ready to love you down! If not, clean off your glasses and switch to a clearer perspective. Expectations that are too high are lowered. Those who were indifferent, get specific, activating a New Beginning with a partner-in-crime type like lover.
Leo (August - July)
Volcanic Lava Love!
Drunk in Love, someone is wrapped up in your essence Leo. Lover's will step up to the plate, left and right. All wanting your attention, but most of all your tender love and care. Impulsive emotions could rise to a boiling point! Make a decision Leo before your lover makes one for you. They could give up or blow up. This admiration energy from you or a lover is unhealthy. Attend to this matter quickly and update people on how you feel.
Aries (March - April)
Chick Magnet or Repellent Type Love!
How do you want it Aries, because you are in control, just the way you like it. This is good and bad, depending on the awareness of your mannerisms. Are you promoting yourself in a favorable light? Put your best foot forward, unleash new fashion, fiery eye contact, killer smile. You got it in the bag Aries! If you are too bold, your self awareness, says "file down your edges". If you want love, show it and let it be known.
Taurus (April - May)
Red Light, Green Light Love!
Taurus its really up to you, I see you battling and at odds with yourself like a Gemini. Should you relax and let your heart guide you, like the cuddly Bull you are, or will you stop at each intersection and mull it over? Your spicy mate or new suitor may change your mind for good! Day by day you shine brighter, what are you truly afraid of? This month gives answers.
Scorpio (October - November)
Windows to the Soul Type Love!
Scorpio, is on the look out for the illest mix of sultry and smart, but then again when aren't you? Once again shallow and easy just won't do, you want your love interest to leave you in intrigue. As the month unfolds you and your love interest, will leave a trail towards true feelings. But not to fast, you like it nice and slow. Like a moth to a flame, you do a slow dance with your object of a affection.
Capricorn (December - January)
Effortless Endless Love!
Looks like your heart belongs to someone already or you will set someones ablaze! Stop grounding yourself so much and let feelings flow before the volcano gets cold and caps itself closed. I feel you are the volcano also, just waiting for someone to make it easy for you to relax and enjoy them. A change within you this month can make it happen!
Aquarius (January - February)
The Star is Here!
People love you for you Aquarius, just the way you like it! You could care less if it were otherwise. Intense reflection, of your heart's true desires, has been received by the Heaven's; and rains down harmonious encounters all month. Be aware of this superpower you have Aqua! You wish upon a star this month and it literally comes true. You get to be you, in romance this month; changing lives along the way! Old love can return, wounded souls may be attracted to you, "your light Carol-Anne, your light"...
Like will attract like, and you are digging it.